solo exhibition: Explore & Endure

Malin Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition
March 7 - 29, 2014

Opening Reception and Gallery walk-thru with the artist 6pm
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CHRISTY GEORG’s work is inspired by travel and research in the American West, sailing the Eastern Seaboard, and the Norwegian Arctic. She reflects on the history and importance of discovery, voyaging, and striking out into the unknown. The focused endurance of flora and fauna to flourish in harsh climates, and likewise, the endurance of hardy and curious explorers traversing such lands, inspires a true willfulness of existence which compels the subject of Christy’s sculpture, drawings, and video.

Her projects often involve making a device or situation to communicate with the natural landscape, or a historical site or story – something raw, true, and amazing, which demands her attention and response. Her sculptural instruments and devices function either actually, or metaphorically. Their meticulous craftsmanship lends them authority as functional objects, but upon inspection may seem quite absurd, fetishistic, alchemical, or otherwise uncanny. Their elusive, esoteric function tickles curiosity and speculation.

Christy received her BFA in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1997 and her MFA in Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art in 2003. Her work has earned her many grants and residencies fellowships. She currently teaches at Santa Fe Community College.


  My work is included in the Drawing Center, New York, Viewing program: artist registry  


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