Navigational Running Lights Tattoos
Giant Becket-Brooches   2009
Six Frigates   2009
Tide Seeker
Seasick of Me
Circumnavigating   2008
A Most Fortunate Ship    2010
Circle Of   2010
Gilligan Salutes Lord Admiral Nelson
Love-ly Beckets   2008
Super Sweepsy photoshoped.jpg
Ghost Toll     2010
Sailor's Hanky (Not Really)   2008
Chafe Gear for Hand and Forearm    2008
Chafe Gear for Hand and Forearm
Cape Cod Girls   2009
Giant Monkey's Fist/ Cape Cod Girls / Schooner Shanty Trumpet
Schooner Shanty Trumpet
Giant Monkey's Fist   2009
Right and Wrong whale.jpg
Speak my Language/Long Distance Lexicon
Great Guns at SFCC aft.jpg
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